Art collecting is considered by many to be a frivolous pastime of the wealthy, who can afford to buy the works of recognized artists. While to an extent that may be true, the endeavors of these collectors deserve to be applauded. Most of them recognize that collecting art is not only a pleasure, but a responsibility as well. Artworks are a piece of our cultural heritage, and as such, need to be protected, preserved and where possible, exhibited.

Often overlooked are the works of lesser-known artists whose art does not usually show up in major collections. The work of these artists must also be recognized as an integral part of our artistic heritage. The art that comprises the Grimes-Barber Collection is primarily the efforts of lesser-known and emerging artists working along the east coast from the 20's‚ through the present day. One of the goals of ArtWithAHistory, is to promote these artists so that they will be included in our cultural history.