Americo DePanfilis (1902-1980)

Philadelphia born artist  Americo DePanfilis exhibited works in the 30th Annual Exhibition of Watercolor , Prints and Drawings of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1932. His works according to Dixon Hall Fine Art suggest that DePanfilis may have studied with Hugh Breckenridge or at the PAFA Chester Springs school. His bright palette certainly suggests the influence of Breckenridge and our paintings are landscapes that could have been painted in the Chester Springs area. 

Americo worked as a stained glass craftsman at the Willet Stained Glass Studio in Chestnut Hill. One viewer, of our art exhibit program (before learning of DePanifilis' employment), pointed out that the vibrant color showing through the tree branches in DePanfilis' painting reminded her of stained glass ! 

Please note that this painting was recently stolen from us. Do not buy it if someone offers it to you for sale. Thank you.