Freda Reiter

There is a unique connection with the Grimes-Barber Collection and the Senior Community of New Jersey. Through the traveling art exhibit program, residents of assisted living and senior care communities have become  the collection's patrons. During the last nine years, their participation in the program's many exhibits, has allowed the collection to grow and be recognized for its ability to make original art available for viewing in a variety of settings.

The work in the  Grimes-Barber Collection is , for the most part, American. The majority was  created during the last fifty years by lesser-known , east coast artists . It has been a pleasurable experience speaking with the contemporaries of many of the artists whose work is represented .Though a participant's connection to an individual artist may be slim, their comments often lead to interesting aspects in the life and times of the artist. One gentleman recounted how his dentist's wife gave him a drawing as a gift. The artist was Freda Reiter , who  later  received an Emmy for her work. The  1969 , charcoal drawing above is an example of Freda's work from the collection.