Senior Art Exhibit Program  

Include Art Appreciation in your social schedule. 


Traveling Exhibits 

 Provided by   

The Grimes-Barber Collection 

                                             Artist - Cesare Ricciardi - Portrait of a Young Woman 1937 - oil on canvas

                                             Artist - Cesare Ricciardi - Portrait of a Young Woman 1937 - oil on canvas

The Program 

During the past eight years the art exhibit program has presented over 1000 traveling art exhibits to the NJ and PA senior communities. Based on works selected from The Grimes-Barber Collection, curated exhibits bring the gallery experience to your doorstep.  

Each exhibit consists of 5-6 pieces of original art. Residents are provided a close up view of the work. During a light-hearted discussion of the art and artist, residents are encouraged to participate and share their opinions and personal observations. Individual exhibits are approximately 45 minutes to an hour in length. Topics vary depending on the exhibit being presented.

Comments from residents: 

“Very Interesting!” 

“Not Like any other program we have.” 

“Like a mini vacation.”  

“When will you be back?” 

Sample of available exhibits: 

Let it Snow! (snow scenes) 

Setting the Table (still life series) 

Donʼt Give Up the Ship! (marine art) 

Women in Ink (women printmakers) 

Land HO! 

Oh Those Kids! (children in art) 

Buildings in Art 

Animal Attraction (animals in art) 

Please see our contact page to schedule exhibits, or obtain rates and introductory offers.