Nathalie Johnson Nordstrand  ( 1932-


                                                                    "Sugar Season" watercolor 

New England artist Nathalie Johnson Nordstrand was born in Massachusetts in 1932. She attended Barnard College and Columbia University. She studied with noted artists Paul Strisik and Done Stone. While living in Glouchester Ma she also studied with Jay Connaway, and Roger Curtis.

Acording to an article in American Artist magazine in 1972 Connaway and Curtis encouraged Nordstrand to paint her finished work in her studio and emphasized working from memory and sketches. Interesting to note, the artist had two separate studios, one for painting in oil and the other in watercolor. 

 At the time Robert Kolbe wrote his article titled “ Poetry of the Sea” Nordstrand had been painting full time for seven years and had won over forty-five awards. She was elected to the American Watercolor Society.

In addition to her membership at the Society, she was a member of the American Artists Professional League, the Guild of Boston Artists, the Salmagundi Club, the Rockport art Association and a charter member of the Reading and Burlington Art Associations.

The watercolor shown above , titled “Sugar Season”, was exhibited at the Salmagundi Club in 1976.

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