Flora Yentes (1916-2010)

"Winter Solitude" 

"Winter Solitude" 


Artist Flora Yentes began painting at almost forty years old when she moved to Speedway, Indiana. Speedway, known for its auto racing was in close proximity to the Heron Art Institute as well as many other Indianapolis art centers. It is likely that she received some training there. At any rate, the instruction described by one  of Flora's students suggests an academic approach to art. Flora suggested her student start with a charcoal sketch, under paint with yellow ochre, add a wash of broad  colors and complete by adding the detail.

Flora taught art for over 30 years, initially in Indiana and later in Florida where she moved in the 1980’s. She taught and exhibited at  Sun City Center ( She was also a member of the Brandon League of Fine Arts .) Her specialty was teaching those with a handicap to paint . She felt it was not only beneficial for them, but, enjoyable for her.  Flora volunteered her talents as well. She and a group of Sun City residents wrote and illustrated Reading ,Rhymes and Recipes, Stories and Recipes Just for Kids. The cook book was sold as a fundraiser for the Children’s Advocacy Center.

Flora passed away at the age of 94 in December 2010.

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