Harley Lyons (  1913-1994 )

In a biography submitted to Ask Art by the the artist's nephew, (Dan Curran) it was noted that "Harley Lyons was an American impressionist, born in a grass sod house in Benfield, North Dakota. Son of a French immigrant, he was part of a family that migrated to the Delaware Valley, New Jersey in the mid 1920's. While in England during World War II, Harley found himself painting portraits for the Army brass." The reference to portraiture  was quite interesting to us since it provides a link to two of the three works we have acquired. These works are  both portraits, one of the skater (not shown), and the other of the schoolgirl.

Curran continues on to say, "Upon returning to the US after the war, Harley studied art in Philadelphia. He mentored under Nina W. Scull in the late 1940's and 1950's, and he traveled all over New England taking photographs and painting. He loved landscapes the most." An example of his landscapes is shown on Ask/ART.

The third painting in our collection is of a mystical landscape, depicting what appears to be a castle, or perhaps even a temple with two disconnected towers and a large dome, that overlooks a lush valley. Since Lyons loved to paint nature's landscape, then one wonders how this magical landscape was inspired.

If anyone can identify this scene, drop us a comment, and we'll come back to this work and explore it's origins some more.

Source(s) : Ask Art