Lillian Linding (1887- 1974)

Born in NY in 1887 Lillian Linding attended Cooper Union Art School. She was married to the sculpter Herman M Linding of Ossining, NY[1]. Both were members of the Whitney Studio Club and Society of Independent Artists . Lillian was also a member of the National Association of Women Painters and Sculptures. Lillian exhibited with the Society of Independent artists among others. 

Linding was not only a painter, but a lithographer as well. In 1935 her print entitled ‚" Spring"‚ was exhibited in ‚"A Modern Print Show" at the Weyhe Gallery in New York City. Among the other artists exhibiting were: Benton Spruance, Thomas Hart Benton , Julius Bloch, Paul Cadmus and John Stuart Curry. In the New York Times review of the exhibit, her work was considered ‚"enchantingly lyric‚".

"Quiet Stream"  oil on canvas 

"Quiet Stream"  oil on canvas 

Some of that lyric quality can still be seen in her  painting ‚" Quiet Stream" . The trees seem to sway and their bows hang gracefully over the water's edge. The lines are rhythmic and undulating. The lines on the main trees pulsate back and forth between thin and thick. The riverbank is made of soft contours that add to a subtle sense of  movement. The low contrast and almost monochromatic colors act to enhance the calm , quiet feeling of  the painting.


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