Women In Ink

Artists in the Exhibit:

"Women In Ink" is a general introduction to the art of printmaking. Each piece of artwork is shown as an example of various printmaking techniques. Discussions focus on the artist's life and her resulting work. Elements of art such as line, shape, color and light are pointed out as each work is shown to the group.

Subjects discussed during the program:


  • Philadelphia (Wissahickon Park)
  • Maine
  • Massachusettes (Provincetown)
  • New York
  • Colorado, Chicago
  • New Jersey
  • California
  • the Ozarks


  • Teaching
  • dressmaking
  • child rearing
  • Works Progress Administration
  • train travel
  • elephants
  • cats
  • buffalo
  • the circus
  • military spouses
  • quilt making and more...